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ORDEE provides cost effective industrial solution while still running plant efficiently. By automating or consolidating repetitive manual processes. You can increase product quality, improve throughput and potentially cut down costs. Ordee is always developing and offers new ways of making tasks much easier to complete.

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We work closely with our customers across all industries to develop, design, and enhance its products, services, technologies, or processes. Along with creating new products and adding features to old ones. Investing in R&D connects various parts of a company’s strategy and business plan, such as quality control and  cost reduction.



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An ISO 9001-2015 company , 

A team of NITians . 

we provide solutions in the field of Industrial Automation, Engineering Design, Conveyor Systems, Robotic Applications, Mechatronics Applications, Lifting Machines  and Customized Fabrications. With field experience of about decade, we have successfully executed large numbers of applications for a wide range of industries.  

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Manual Labeling machines, Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine, Automatic Labeling systems, belt conveyor, roller conveyor.

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